Trees and their Environments

What are the consequences of environments created by humans on the conditions and growth of trees? Does evolution of the latter affect urban reality? Does one dominate the other, or is balance and harmony the outcome of these encounters?


Sometimes on the roadside or in a yard, we can see a sleeping car. They seem abandoned. Often their owners leave them for a long period before waking them up. Upon awakening follows an overhaul and once completed, no more sleeping. This series is built on the random discoveries of vehicles and their appearance at this precise moment. Appearance which will change in one way or another.

Small Roads Island

Narrow concrete roads on an island in southern Thailand. Barely wide enough for two wheeled vehicles to cross each others. Enlargements coming soon.


Every year in Thailand, in May before the beginning of the rain season, rockets are crafted and launched the time of a week-end. It's part of ceremonies to call favorable rains on the forthcoming rice crops.


From unpacking to heating, then flying until the final firework.

Concrete World

Reflexions on the use and boundaries of the base material for constructions.

School of Reunion

Hmong and Khmu villages in Laos were children are going in the same school. The two villages are just five minutes walk away from each other. Each village has is own culture and habits but children are united at the school.

Lao Craftsmanship

In small remote villages, production of goods is defined by the basic needs. Tools for fields and forest works, leaf rooftops for the houses are among those. With the production of food and house building materials these are nearly the only production possibilities.

17 Years Later

This series of photographs was taken during my fifth journey in Laos on assignement for the Laos Ministry of Culture. The first one took place in 1998. Things changes everywhere and Laos is no exception. Therefore, I decided to photograph both the changes and the unchanged.


A real time retro/vintage style analog photography experience. These are the result of the last 10 unexposed frames from a Kodak Gold 200 roll forgotten in one of my film cameras for 12 years. They've finally been exposed in 2015.

Middle Spaces

Land plots stucked between two buildings are common, often it can take years before seeing a construction starting. This series memorize these areas before they fit the aesthetic to which they are intended.

The unexpected colors of the mundane

Color where you do not expect it, isn't it better than what our eyes are accustomed to?

Silent Witnesses

Season after season, year after year, they get larger and stronger, being the silent witnesses of their changing surroundings.

Wat Ban Den

The colorful Wat Ban Den near Chiang Mai, Thailand, displays sculptures of the 12 Thai zodiac animals.

Wat Phra Singh Woramahaviharn

The renovated Phrathatluang and Kulai chedi at Wat Phra Singh Woramahaviharn in Chiang Mai old city centre.

The Unused Seven

Seven objects gathered here and there. Placed on shelves and collecting dust without any apparent use or meaning. Awaiting the trash bin.

Geometrical Fields

As you explore you discover lines who define shapes which finally aren't what they are.



  all photographs on this website are copyright of Maxime J. Berna